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Why You Need Our WordPress Maintenance Plan

  • Identifying Potential Problems
  • Backups – For Peace of Mind
  • Update WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes
  • Hardened Security
  • Up-time Monitoring
  • Support – We’ve Got You Back

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world that owns 30.9% of all sites. Version 4.9 of WordPress alone has been downloaded a massive 46 million times and counting.

WordPress is also a victim of its own success and as the biggest CMS it is also an excellent target for hackers. WordPress must be updated regularly to keep one step ahead of the bad guys and to implement incremental improvements.

Need help? Pop us a message

Need help? Pop us a message

Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan in Depth

Step 1. Identifying Potential Problems

Before we do anything on your website, we look at potential issues in the front-end and back-end.

Step 2. Backups – For Peace of Mind

Backup ensures that if there is a problem, you can revert back to a previous version of the website.
We do backups before updates.

Step 3. Update WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes

The bread and butter of the WordPress website is your Core, Plugins and Themes. It is very important to keep track of these updates to keep your website secure.

Step 4. Hardened Security

We offer malware scanning to make sure your website is virus & hack free.

Step 5. Up-time Monitoring

We monitor your website. If there is a problem, we will immediately know and work to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be as easy as the customer forgets to renew their domain name.

Step 6. Support – We’ve Got You Back

Depending on the package you have chosen, we can provide different levels of support. We offer support via email, ticket system, chat and phone. Feel free to call or WhatsApp us at (+27) 067 033 0568 or email us at info@ultrawebsa.co.za.

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