Instagram has hundreds of millions of people who post stories on the platform every day. Therefore, the potential for businesses and companies to reach a wide range of people is evident.

While celebrities’ use to advertise a brand or a commodity is nothing new, social media have provided a new way to make the star more famous. Social media influencers are among the new approaches that businesses use to engage new consumers and market their products or services online. The way companies achieve new clients has shifted dramatically on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, you might run a digital marketing campaign on Twitter if the ultimate aim of your digital marketing plan is to generate more leads through social media. Any of the best performing Twitter content for your company can be shared by you to create more channel knowledge.

Instagram generated subgenres, corporations, and professions and destroyed whole sectors. In this essay, we will look at the seven ways Instagram has affected the current conduct of marketing and outreach.

It is a diversified beauty standard

Instagram has been rightly questioned in terms of impacting the mental health of young people. Some blamed the amount of imagery that has been screened, manipulated, and present an unfair expectation of attractiveness. A more dynamic view of beauty will also be shared by offering customers such an open forum.

People do not rely on popular media, which transmit a narrow beauty definition. Users who post their unfiltered pumps, stretch marks, injuries, and expanded height, and handicapped factors attempt to break down beauty taboos through Instagram.

These diverse representations expand on the web and generate significant public traction that makes brands noteworthy.

Big Names in the Business World Use Instagram

If it indicates that Instagram is successful for marketing, the use of the site can be made by some of the biggest names in the industry. Organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, Nike, etc., use Instagram to promote and showcase their products. You have seen an influencer playing the Apple Watch somewhere or evaluating a new pair of Nike sneakers if you are an Instagram regular.

It changed the way we travel

Instagram is a treasure trove to inspire tourists. In the palm of our hand, we can see photographs of the world’s most idyllic spots, and the way we fly is changed.

If you are searching for the best places to go before you depart or if you are choosing a specific venue because we want to re-create a perfect picture, “Insta-tourism” has an impact. Data by Facebook reveals that 70% of tour enthusiasts (who use hashtags linked to tourism) post their travel plans on the website, and 67% use Instagram for inspiration for their new journeys.

Choosing the Right Influencer

Choosing the best influencer for your brand means something more than selecting one with the right target demographic. As the influencer is a symbol for your brand, you want them to agree with your company’s values and love your goods. People can say if someone does not really like a commodity and plug it for money!

Honesty is the only way for your clients, so find an influencer who likes or would continue to partner for your goods. Staying inside your market is smart, but the branching is sometimes an ideal way to draw new consumers and improve revenue. When trying something outside the box, you can find a new market for goods!

It turned flat lays into a phenomenon

Still-life shots were already expected, but Instagram mainstreamed the flat-layered theme.

A scan of the hashtag of #flatlay yields more than five million results on the web, and we all know these sophisticated overhead shots of items.

It mobilized Activism

Instagram has helped put profitable campaigns to the fore, focusing on all things visual and direct access by millions.

Imagery is powerful, and many insurgents are now using Instagram as a storytelling medium to spread their message globally, encouraging others to join. It also offers influents exclusive access to their supporters to have undiluted help messages.

It created a new breed of the influencer

Bloggers had been famous in 2010, but Instagram has offered them a forum for distributing nice and short updates. With one photo and a word, they could publish bite-sized content more frequently to discuss with their fans.

Few people have done so, while others have found virtual fame on Instagram alone. Others have moved to Instagram entirely. The app has powered the influencers’ trend and converted those figures into social celebrities.


Although Instagram will begin to evolve over the next few years, its marketing power will continue throughout its existence. Instagram has shifted the way marketers conceive about selling and gain potential buyers, with millions of months of people, a social company like Facebook in charge, and infinite opportunities for influencers and brands alike.

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by Abhishek Kumar
Digital Marketing Consultant and a Marketing Head at Bliss Marcom

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