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Affordable Website Design Packages in South Africa

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Affordable Website Design in South Africa

Giving your website or online shop the right image on the internet is very important, UltraWebSA is your most affordable partner in South Africa in this industry. You can sell your products or services all over South Africa (or perhaps further), but it is still nice to be able to talk to a web designer near you about your idea and how you see the design. We design for the most diverse websites and online shops and the wishes of the customer comes first.

UltraWebSA knows how important the role of the website is to a company. That is why we provide a design that reflects your company’s, philosophy and creates new business. Our web technical expertise ensures that you get what you have in mind. We design with a view to excellent user experience, through clear design, a clear structure of the website, and easy navigation. At UltraWebSA, we work closely with you and we implement your ideas into solutions. We ensure that your website stands out among the many others. With our expertise, we ensure that your website is optimized for findability and searchability by search engines.

The Cost of A Website

We keep our prices competitive because we believe that everyone deserves a good website design for their company. We truly want everyone to be able to compete fairly in the digital space and to benefit from the services we offer. Whether it is a large company or small … with us you will always find a suitable solution within your budget. Depending on your wishes, we can already offer you a suitable solution from any of our packages. For example, we can provide you with a professional and completely designed website, including using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and managed hosting. Your website design is then fully optimized for search engines and is always available.

We offer the following options for your website design:

  • An unlimited number of pages
  • Detailed visitor statistics
  • A professional installation of the WordPress CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Chat options (Chat bots, WhatsApp chat, SMS etc)
  • Google Maps implementation
  • A professional design that matches your Corporate Identity
  • Scalable designs for desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Custom Contact forms
  • Newsletter module
  • Free Training & Tutorials (website manual)
  • Social Media integration (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Social Shares
  • Blogging/writing articles
  • Video embedding

Affordable website design packages in South Africa: A website in 5 steps:

How does that actually work at UltraWebSA web design? We are the best cheap website design in South Africa and you can see our process in these simple way below.
Well: very simple.

  1. We discuss the project and your wishes
  2. We create the design and get your views and opinions on it. (your approval)
  3. We build your website
  4. You can post your texts and photos
  5. The website goes online!

So we do all the technical work for you so you can focus on the content. You do not need any knowledge of programming, modules, functionalities, and so on. We are happy to advise you on the layout of the website, its form and functions. We’ve already created quite a few websites, so we know what we’re talking about. We are the most affordable website design company in South Africa right now.

We know more than just affordable website design:

If you are considering a new website design, we can also be of service to you, from building an informative website to host an online shop on which your customers can make purchases. We will first talk to you and hear your wishes, then we will give you the options. We recommend the best software that you can use and you can also indicate which payment options you would like to see in your store, for example. You can also indicate special wishes with the products or services and we will build the website to your liking.

The website design also plays an important role in this and we will of course also ensure that you get a very representative website or online shop with which you can expand your customer base. Very important with a website or online shop is that you will be found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. For this we also give you tips and we will also build the website so that it is friendly to the various search engines. A website or online shop is more than just a page on the internet, it is your calling card on the digital highway. Please contact us for the possibilities. UltraWebSA for everyone!

Renew your website design:

If you already have a website, we can renew it to provide it with a new, modern look and that attracts customer or clients your way. It also meets the latest standards. By implementing the most modern techniques, we ensure that your company keeps up to date in the digital environment, where a large part of the business is increasingly taking place. As with completely new websites, we can offer various options.

Think of:

  • A new, modern design in your existing corporate identity and/or colors. Scalable for tablet and smartphone
  • Social Media integration
  • WordPress CMS
  • Of course, a customized package is also possible here.

Converting your affordable website design in South Africa

If you have an existing website that has been built with a different CMS such as Joomla, GX, ModX, and more. We got more than enough knowledge using all sorts of Content Management Systems. We will create a website that looks and function the same as the old/existing website for you without any worries. The design and performance can also be renewed so that you not only have a best WordPress CMS with more options, but also a fresh, modern style. We are the most affordable website design agency in South Africa.

Affordable website Design Customization in South Africa

Together with you, we will discuss your requirements and what is required for the website design. You can continue to use your existing domain and hosting, or you can choose one of our affordable packages. We will discuss with you what is the best choice for you. We will than start planning and designing your website. We will send you two links. With the links you will be able to see how your website will look on “Mobile- and Desktop” view. One you are 100% happy with the look of the website design, we will start development process. Your goals and wishes are our priority. Our goal is to happily and enthusiastically pursue your Internet adventure.


We provide maintenance and support for your website design with which we can make small to large adjustments to your website. From changing text and image to adding complete pages and functionality. Our support service is also very competitive and effective. We can provide you with a special retainer if you prefer us to make regular changes/updates to your website.
The maintenance package of the Web Design consists of:

  • Regular backups;
  • Monthly/weekly updates to Plugins, Themes and the Core System;
  • Spam prevention;
  • Keeping and cleaning security logs;
  • Monthly/weekly security scans & monitoring;
  • Upgrading WordPress CMS;
  • Checking 404 errors and ‘dead’ pages;
  • Checking the average loading time of your website;
  • If the website has become the target of hackers, it will be repaired for you.
  • Monthly/weekly Backups (on site & off site)

We as Website Designers in South Africa specialize in creating neat, clear websites and online shops that are optimized to be found by search engines such as Google. We take care of the construction and the web design. When designing and building, the website we need to figure out who your target audiences are and what the goal/aim(action) for the website should be. So, for us no complicated jargon about computer languages and technology, but just a direct approach to achieve your goal. With a large number of satisfied customers for our affordable website design packages in South Africa, it proves that we can create a great website for you too.

Affordable Website Design in South African Pricing

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